Vacuflex Reflexology

Vacuflex reflexology applies a combination of modern technology and human interaction to perform the reflexology treatment. The therapist makes use of a vacuum boot foot reflexology treatment together with a vacuum cupping treatment sequence along the acupuncture meridian lines of the body.

The vacuflex concept maximises and enhances the body’s own healing ability by combining potent methods of holistic practice, Reflexology and Meridian therapy, into one treatment. The treatment has three stages – Reflexology boot treatment, visual assessment and meridian cupping treatment.

A significant feature of this treatment is the discolouration that appears on the feet when the vacuum boots are removed.  Because of the pressure on the feet, congested areas are highlighted on the feet and meridians.  Furthermore, the vacuum pressure delivers a treatment to all the reflexes and meridian points.

The vacuflex concept is suitable for everyone, it is also a good alternative for a manual reflexology treatment for people with a low pain threshold or people that have sever sensitivity on the reflex points on the feet when having a traditional reflexology treatment.

Reflexology Boot Treatment

Specifically designed felt boots are put on the feet and six minutes of pressure is applied to the feet at a pressure that is consistent with the clients comfort zone.  A firm but pleasurable pressure is felt over the feet, ankles and lower calves.  This is done by creating a vacuum that causes the boots to constrict.

During the boot treatment firm pressure is felt that may cause a  prickly sensation , like pins and needles.

Visual assessment of the colours of the feet

The therapy applied to the feet using the vacuum boots results in various colouration patches appearing on the feet which last for approximately 15-30 seconds.  Using reflexology terminology the colours highlight areas of reflex and meridian congestion.  The colours appear as red, blue, white and/or yellow.

Red indicates high acid deposits, blue indicates acute pain or stress in the organs, yellow indicates mucous and white appears where there are chronic conditions confirming lack of oxygen in the cells.

Meridian cupping Treatment

Silicone suction pads are used to stimulate the acupuncture points along the meridians, on the lower legs and arms on both sides of the body simultaneously.  As soon as the pressure is exerted on the acupuncture point, a vibration is created that runs through that particular meridian and disperses molecules that are stuck together, thereby clearing any blockages and allowing the energy to flow along the pathway.

The suction pads are moved around the body relatively fast during the treatment sequence, which creates an effective treatment. The analogy is that of dropping a stone into water, the stone will sink but the ripples caused will continue to be active for some time.

The Healing Process and Elimination

Deep elimination may occur particularly after the first treatment, which is presented as strong urine, frequent bowel movements, headache, extreme tiredness and/or emotional outbursts.

On the contrary the client may not experience any of the above symptoms, but instead may feel light and revitalised.  Detox symptoms usually last up to 24 hours, after which the body will be revitalised.  The ultimate goal is to have regular treatments to continuously revitalise the body so that it can be in a state of homeostasis (balance).

After each treatment, elimination will become less and less uncomfortable, an awareness of improving one’s health will be felt and energy levels will increase.

Foot Massage

After the vacuflex treatment the meridians on the toes are stimulated manually by the therapist, after which a relaxing foot massage is given to end off the treatment.

Benefits of a Vacuflex Concept Treatment

  • Elimination of toxins
  • Relief of back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Restores the body after a stroke
  • Regulates intestinal disturbances
  • Quickly regenerates twisted ankles
  • Identifies possible blockages on the body
  • Deep relaxation
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Re-balances energy in the meridians (energy channels)