Meridian Therapy

What is meridian therapy?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy is circulated throughout the body through a delicate system, known as meridians (energy channels). In Western medicine, the concept could be compared to blood flowing through the circulatory system, or drainage through the lymphatic system.

To visualize this concept of energy and the meridians, think of the meridians as a river-bed, through which water flows and irrigates the land, feeding, nourishing and sustaining the substances as it flows through. Imagine a dam placed at any point along this river, the nourishing effect that the water has on the whole river will stop at this point.

The same is true in relation to energy and the meridians. When energy becomes blocked, the rest of the body that was being nourished by the continuous flow will suffer. Illness and disease can result if this flow is not restored.

Modern reflexology recognises a strong link between meridians and reflexology, by claiming that disease is caused by blockages in the meridians and can be treated by clearing these using reflexology massage.

There are twelve meridians, the six main meridians that run through the feet. All the meridians are interlinked. Due to an understanding of the working of these energy pathways, therapeutic reflexology is an effective tool to restore the flow of energy, clearing blockages and preventing disease.

The meridians are stimulated during the reflexology massage, it is not a separate treatment.